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Riverwood Cougars costs you $180 per hour.

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$180 p/h · (02) 9584 0148

Riverwood Mature Ladies is a Sydney brothel specialising in mature women. Located in Sydney’s South West, Riverwood Mature Ladies is approx. 30mins drive from Sydney CBD. Full hour services start at $180 per hour, with credit cards accepted (+10%), and an onsite ATM. 24 girls are listed on their website, though most have no photos include.

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Riverwood Cougars Rates
30 Mins = $110
45 Mins = $150
1 Hour = $180
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Riverwood Cougars Contacts
Website: riverwoodmatureladies.net
Email: n/a
Twitter: n/a
Address: 184B Belmore Road, Riverwood, NSW, 2210

Riverwood Cougars Reviews
We have 94 client reviews for Riverwood Cougars

  1. Review by Mick · Reply

    Where is claudia or Rebecca working now
    Rated: 5 Stars

  2. Review by George · Reply

    Just wanted to check if Gillian was still working here. If so which days or nights does she work?

  3. Review by Richard · Reply

    Went for a quick visit – left 3 hrs later. Only criticism is that I felt felt rushed to choose and not enough talk allowed then.

  4. Review by Thomas · Reply

    Ok…so here’s my tale. Went to this place for the first time on Wednesday night. Took a seat, and met the ladies. If you’re like me, there’s not much you find sexier than well maintained 40-50 year old ladies in great shape, bedroom heels and nice lingerie. Saw Jasmine- great service. Really top BJ, Ball job, the works… and a really fun and enthusiastic shag. Liked it so much I sat back out in the waiting area and after cooling down and re-loading, took on a double. Scottish blonde Tracy with Brunette Jasmine. It was dirty. It was wet. Two MILF’s in nothing but strappy heels, taking to me like no ones business. Liked it so much, went back again Thursday night and saw Angel, who is a dirty dirty dirty (in a good way) horny nympho.Re charged, and saw Tracey and Morgan for a double. Morgan- great rack and wickedly good mouth, and well all know that Tracey goes off with another girl in the room. She loves the muff as much as the cock :) So the moral? It’s all the things the reviews say. At $120 for 30 minutes vs 90 or 100 at some Asian joint – its a no contest. So far – I have to agree its the best value parlour in town. While I’m on holidays Im going to go back to the place several more times.

  5. Review by chad · Reply

    I went to riverwood with no great expectation l was stunned l met the ladies and was introduced to gillian whats been said on here is TRUE. Best Working Girl l’ve ever had the pleasure of. l remembered the extra hundred too couldnt help it her arse looks that good. she loves it the harder you go the more this mature wants. Ended up staying 2 hrs…lol only was going to stay 30 min. She makes you feel like a p*rn star and loves a good COF.

  6. Review by Scott · Reply

    Lovely ladies. I went with a lady named Sharon. Probably the best sex i ever had in my life. Just a thumbs up guys. Its $120 for 30min

  7. Review by justin · Reply

    lm 30 been married a while read this review and decided l wanted to try greek as mine says its a no go zone,l took That gillian chick and l reckon that is the best shagging lve copped in ages,paid the extra and couldnt stop myself potting that incredibles butthole.What an hour even got CIM the first load and then she used the second as facial cream….whoa unbeleavable ho.Would like to go and pop that zina chick is she as hot as gillian in the room ?

  8. Review by Jim · Reply

    I did a double with Monique and Tracee, “my God” what a good time, these girls really know how to please.
    Any young girl that is thinking about being a Working Girl should go and do work experience in this place, they should go into the rooms with girls like these and guys like us and observe what a “real” service is and then join in on the fun of course. LOL.

  9. Review by george · Reply

    Took Danni and Heidi for a bit of a double test drive the other nite, These chicks go off when working together! I sure did get value for money having these 2 … and watching danni nibble on heidi’s nipples….

  10. Review by Mal · Reply

    Hey l went on Saturday for the first time after reading the reviews how longs this been goin on,value for money personified,l thought about it for a while in the waiting room and took the gillian challenge when l met her l thought no way this chick does what they say on here….WRONG !!!!!……..l must go back

  11. Review by George · Reply

    Being reading all the comments on this site and am ready to try out Riverwood mature ladies and Gillian who seems to be most people’s favourite. It has been almost 40 years since visited a brothel, I have been married for 34 years since then so now I’m raring to go as there is hardly any at home.

  12. Review by Freddo · Reply

    Thanks for the thumbs up on the 100 bucks tip Gerard.best hour lve had and gillian was right into the action man she is 10 out of 10 …..***** star rating boys

  13. Review by Tom · Reply

    I went last night, chose Zena, though she ended up having a booking, then to my surprise, Gillian was available, I saw her and she made sure I got my moneys worth…..what a experience, i paid for 30, ended up extending the service, as was so good, Believe the hype!!

  14. Review by Greg · Reply

    What a gr8 brothel this place is l saw Zina this chick has a body tall brunette slim. Saw this gilllian chick everyone is talking about as l was leaving, have to go back to find out if she’s that good …..

  15. Review by billy · Reply

    Right thx Gerard this Gillian chick sounds the part.Also that Danni sounds like a firecracker to,l went there and saw Zina shes tall good in the room ….yeh a professional hornbag haha

    • Review by JOHN · Reply

      Hey Billy Ive seen Zena a few times. The one with the great arse!!!!!! She is adventurous for me mate. She goes OFF.

  16. Review by Dope · Reply

    Has anyone seen Stephanie? Im into BBW’s and read she is a BBW?

    • Review by Ash · Reply

      Have seen Stephanie. Awesome lady, awesome service

      Seriously best BJ I have ever had

  17. Review by carlos · Reply

    l stumbled across this site while surfing the net great work accurate reviews. l went to visit last Saturday l met the ladies but saw this Gillian chick everyone seems to rave about. OMFG! … l gave it my all and she still wanted more. her service is exceptional luvs it

  18. Review by Steve · Reply

    Hey Guys, I have been away for awhile and will be visiting Sydney again soon and was wondering if a lady called Monique was still working at this place. She was a pocket rocket with blonde hair, tanned with a full back tattoo. If she’s not there does anyone know where she went ??

  19. Review by Joe · Reply

    Took Danni for a bit of a test ride the other night! Shy innocent, yeah right from the moment she gets in the room, she starts with a massive tease!! And none stop action till your times up!!! This chick delivers what she promise’s and then some!! This chick takes it and loves it! no bars hold!!! she wild! every positon you can think of in 1/2 hr she’ll do!and still rearrange the room in doing so! like I said this chick goes off!

  20. Review by Ricky · Reply

    l went to this place that everyone seems to be taking about l also saw this Gillian everyones talking about WELL no wonder what a mad root and sucker this mature is also with a tight little butt like that the extra greek service was to good to pass Thanks for putting on a great website as we dont mind spending the $$$$$$ we just want Value for it

  21. Review by phillip · Reply

    Hoolie doolie on Saturday l took on Gillian for an hour what a first class hooker that chick is,l will admit as been said first looks are decieving so well spoken prim,proper and slim stature.Until you get her in the room a raving little sexpot with no hangups. ) . Definately must see the little nympo again. For an extra hundred you can pop her backdoor ……l didnt have it on me but l have too next week

  22. Review by Joe · Reply

    Saw Bridgette the other night! OMFG… you think Tracey’s BJ’s r the best you haven’t tried Bridgette!! the way this chick works in the room will send you away wanting more!

  23. Review by Kevin · Reply

    Well when l stumbled on this site l thought a brothel with 60 reviews l must be missing something.I decided to take up the challenge and lm really satified l took Bobby’s advise and saw Gillian what an incredible root and a top class BJ.Also met Chanel l’ll be going back to try that nice piece of arse lol.Anyway thx guys you really know what your on about

    • Review by George · Reply

      Kev mate…..lve been to a lot of brothels in my time l saw this and everyone talking about this Gillian so l saw her myself. Well l can say that this demure English quiet woman you meet in the lounge is the horniest, best nympo lve ever had in a bedroom 5 star !!!! Absolutely gave it my all but she still wanted more……value for money beyond expectation

    • Review by phillip · Reply

      Gillian………….topclass root absolute nympo,the hader you go the more she wants,excellent greek service.Better sucker than Lisa and thats saying alot

  24. Review by bobby · Reply

    Anybody else seen Gillian love some feedback,saw the lrish one last week……was ok but not as good keen to here some other experiences cheers

    • Review by Lonestar · Reply

      I caught up with the Irish girl Claudia recently and had the best hour in recent memory. With the service of this place i’d expect it to be a lit busier than what it is. All the women are well presented and attractive, it’s the best value in Sydney IMO

      • Review by Mick · Reply

        Is she still there mate or where she gone

  25. Review by mick · Reply

    have some one seen kimberly, the reseptionist told me she is so good and hot. let as know if you already seen her, after hiring her profile discription i’m planing to see her.

  26. Review by Graham · Reply

    I thought lisa left, im going back there now never had a blow job quite like it, what a face when she looks up from between your legs and smiles.

  27. Review by Rob · Reply

    So the lisa machine still there! I saw her before xmas can never get hold of her since, true Moey she sexy n the mouth is something beyond this world. She is real nice to talk to as well. How did you get to see her, i thought she left. Mouth watering umm. Isabella in a class of her own as well, what a lady.

    • Review by bobby · Reply

      Rob l decided to see Lisa well l must say her oral art is very good indeed,however l can honestly say that if you ever go there and she’s not on or available lssabella,Gillian or Morgan are extremely compatible if not on par.l guess it depends whether you go there days or nights and who’s on at the time.Well l think for the money its the best value place in Sydney and also there’s some real babes on dayshift of late

  28. Review by Moey · Reply

    I saw lisa the other night, omg the vacuum got nothing on her mouth, she does this thing wth da hand n mouth u think ur gona explode then she stops n starts again fkin mind blowin shit, p*rn star shit she does, i was twitchin mate. sexy bitch gudlookin chick too.

    • Review by bruce · Reply

      cant beleive that cougar is stil i thought she was MIA ,she brings back some memories , shes a good sucker

  29. Review by sam · Reply

    just wanted to find out if any of u guys have seen bridgette ? What do you think ? She looks hot dressed up in her latex gear ???????

  30. Review by frank · Reply

    any of you punters seen ebony (black beauty) she toned & fit gives great bj & also likes her rear end played with hehe , she doesnt work much ,like to hear what you punters think ?

  31. Review by steve · Reply

    Saw Gillian l pounded her within an inch of MY LIFE and she still wanted more….always the quiet ones….part nympo lm sure.Money well spent and so was l,Thx for the thumbs up on her Bobby

    • Review by vince · Reply

      l agree with Steve this is one horny little mature lm pretty fit and she wore me out in 45 min lol l was going so hard l was afraid l was going to break her in half…..real value for the bucks

  32. Review by zac · Reply

    where is my favourite wl jasmin ??????????????????????????????? , anyone no her whereabouts ?

    • Review by bobby · Reply

      Zac dont know what happened will ask for you,however if u enjoyed Jasmin u’ll love humping Gillian……have l steered u wrong so far

      • Review by zac · Reply

        ok bobby ill take your advice & ill see gilian , she better perform like jasmin otherwise ill be very upset

    • Review by bobby · Reply

      will try to find out but try Gillian she is as good as Jasmin if not better……gives gr8 BJ and a really GF

  33. Review by Mitts · Reply

    Went with Sharan, Wow defiantly worth all the money and will like to go back!!

    I cant find photos of the girls on the home page? anyone link me please?

    • Review by bobby · Reply

      Mitts theres no pictures but as a regular to this place l can assure u ALL the girls give 100 percent effort in making sure youve got your $ worth and your empty

  34. Review by jockey joe · Reply


    • Review by ali · Reply

      ok kramer , who was your favourite from the good old days ?

      • Review by sctt · Reply

        my favo from the good old days aes rebbeca blue eyed irish brunette who new how to please and always ready 2 go again the best sensual bj followed by downing the lot and really loved her fav clients and loved orgasmic hard shaggn god she was one of my old fav girls well ex-perienced as well

  35. Review by ali · Reply

    has anyone seen paris yet is she any good

    • Review by bobby · Reply

      What a nice ride she is…..very tasty

      • Review by bobby · Reply

        lf u cant get to see her see Gillian she look prim and proper but goes off and will suck it till u think its coming off its hinges

        • Review by steve · Reply

          Hey champ l took your advise from the review a saw Gillian she looks really quiet till u get her in the room.l absolutely smashed her and she still wanted more…..hell its always the quiet ones that are the horniest…..defineately will see her again worth every cent….thx for the thumbs up bro

    • Review by JOHN · Reply

      Very memorable nites in Paris. RAUNCHY,BOMBSHELL.Loved watching those big lips around my cock. Wont be the last time…miss the legs to the ceiling around my neck.

      • Review by fred · Reply

        hi there

        can you please tell me when morgan and lisa are on next

  36. Review by bobby · Reply

    Since finding this review site there has been a few girls who have gone that l know of Simone,lsabella …gone on holidays,Pamela working in Nth side establishment,theyre the ones l know of and lm sure there are more…….the happy side of it is the replacements are just as much fun to be with.Anyone seen this Gillian yet ld like a comparitive review

  37. Review by bobby · Reply

    Try Gillian she likes a big one and a really hard pumping, very petite elegant knows how to give a great BJ and likes the taste. Anyone seen Petra or Vanessa ?

    • Review by jamie · Reply

      hey bobby tottaly agree jesse heide and jasmin are good at there jobs n luv to please. god they go down good, and i just luv pumping them hard,after that, and they luv it to. and thats why bobby, they never disapoint. and would luv to c this lebonese girl wot nigt does she work and who else u reckon isabella doese well 2…shes also good with her mouth., man i wanna go ther now but have plans so maybe next mon 4,1hr will let u boyz no info next week……… try n ask blond recep- 4 one hr, lol..or 2….lol

      • Review by peter · Reply

        jesse dont work there anymore (retired), lives in queensland i heard

      • Review by ali · Reply

        love to do a double with jasmin & jesse , wouldn’t that be a blast with two of my favourite wls as they are best at what they do , yeahhhh can’t wait

  38. Review by sam · Reply

    I had Heidi last night…in all positons. She is one hot thing

    • Review by bobby · Reply

      l’ve sampled that tasty treat Sam. Definately likes the meat.

  39. Review by bobby · Reply

    Well l’ve another tick for this establishment Chanel is awesome in the room add her to the must see list. Anyone have any good experiences? Like to hear reviews.

  40. Review by bobby · Reply

    Sorry Zac l get it u were talking about Tracey ok l have to go sample the goods for myself,looks like it could be a nice eat between those long legs

    • Review by zac · Reply

      she absolutely loves men going down on her

  41. Review by bobby · Reply

    Hey Zac do u know what that chicks name is ? Also anybody had a session with Tracey,she looks like an absolute stunner but sometimes looks are deceiving

  42. Review by Sam · Reply

    @Bobby…Thanks alot for the reply.

    I had this scottish girl last night and she was good..

    • Review by bobby · Reply

      Sam do u remember her name ? Also lve had time with Heidi would see her again too in fact lve not had one dud root since l found this place but lm sure it could happen l was introduced to Tracy an absolute goddess if anyone has seen her please let me know what it was like

      • Review by zac · Reply

        she’s a firecracker you won’t be dissappointed , she loves her job , unforgettable blow job

  43. Review by bobby · Reply

    ln the interest of npublic relations and my difficult duty l forced myself to have a half hour with Jasmin last night ,,,,,what a hot piece of tight bod this chick is gr8 oral service nice firm tits and tight quim….a defineate c again

    • Review by zac · Reply

      thanks bobby , do you know what days/nights she works , as i will go pay her a visit & tell you guys how she performs, thanks

    • Review by zac · Reply

      sounds like a goer , does she spit or swallow lol ?

    • Review by zac · Reply

      ok ill make a booking with her next time I’m in the area & keep you guys posted with her performance

    • Review by zac · Reply

      your not wrong bobby , jasmin is simply the best & I’ve seen a lot of wls she doesn’t look like a nympho but trust me guys she really is best sex ever, she absolutely loves getting licked, amazing bj even better than tracy , will be going back for heaps more , I found my new f*ckbuddy

      • Review by ZAC · Reply

        wheres my favourite wl (jasmin) shes only working one day a week now , we need you where are you ???????????????

      • Review by frank · Reply

        thanks zac for the heads up about jasmin , what a machine , great body , top personality overall top chick , im definitely going back for more , next visit ill book her for 2hrs so they can carry out in a stretcher haha , im getting a hardon just thinking about her oh yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Review by bobby · Reply

    lve seen Sharna …..WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Review by zac · Reply

      thanks for that tip (wait) , nice review on sharna

  45. Review by Sam · Reply

    @Bobby..If you dont mind me asking, may I know how much that double cost you? I would love to go on that ride atleast once..

    • Review by bobby · Reply

      240 a half hr but a good half hr and u’ll be legless trust me make sure u get Jenny as she’ll involve herself fully in the experience

  46. Review by zac · Reply

    just wondering if any of you lads have seen either sharna or jazmin how would you rate those girls ? as every time i go there , there always busy

  47. Review by Bobby · Reply

    Ok lm going to let you boys in on a beauty,should you ever have a win on the races,pokies or just want to spoil yourself rotten go experience a double with Jenny and lsabella,it will be the greatest experience a man could wish for as both are very passionate,responsive and obliging in all ways.lt was so good lve actually had them both on more than one occasion,Cheers keep the reviews coming as its great to hear whats the go out there

  48. Review by Alex · Reply

    well gotta tel u, if u loved their B.J’s, have a go with Jeni. She was Mallory. Such a sexy, and funny chick to boot!! I always walk away with a spring in my step as she does some wicked stuff with cream, I look down and see that gorgeous face between my legs and I know I will NEVER be disappointed.

    • Review by steve · Reply

      Yo bro have to agree lve had jenni in neveryway posible in the room lol very responsive and highly recommended if u want some genuine positional fun. Mouth like a soft warm …..

  49. Review by michael · Reply

    i agree with bil boyz u aint hadn nothing until this leb lisa gets hold of it and puts it in her mouth, she has a technique that makes your hair curl.she is real pretty sexy too, her tits are easily dd. i still get hard thinking about that bj.

  50. Review by Anthony · Reply

    Hey guys l went and banged Simone. What a mad little body with the tightest butt to look at while doing doggy. Sarah is my next – tight little blonde piece. pity the blonde receptionist donsnt work ld pay double for some time with that mature lol….like to hear from some others if theyve had as goodtime as lve had on all my visits

  51. Review by Gary · Reply

    l took Anthony’s advise and visited this place well lve been there twice….l saw Simone what a fantastic little body,velvet mouth and magnificent butt !!! Great lay and enjoys her work.The next time l saw Danni whoa…..this chick goes off no lube required she drips from the word go. Ps ld love to put the blonde manager over the sofa lol…hell ld pay double lol

  52. Review by Anthony · Reply

    Had to go back for more l saw Isabella …if only my vacuum cleaner sucked that good,ld only have to do the house once a year lol..l must admit she is not really the usual type l see but l can promise you your time and money will be well spent with this South American milf cheers will keep reporting

  53. Review by anthony · Reply

    lol. Obviously John u havent had a mouthful of Pamelas great breasts highly recommend this hot milf ….. phew

  54. Review by anthony · Reply

    Guys take it from me – the hottest, sexiest, most fun-loving bunch of babes in Sydney, they all are hellbent on making you legless. Plenty of fresh new faces ….. Danni is a little machine! She absolutely loves it!

    • Review by Joe · Reply

      any one tried this little machine Danni? seen her in intro’s just wondering how you guys would rate this 1

  55. Review by John · Reply

    Riverwood Mature Women is one of the most classy places around to indulge ur sexual desires and fantasies. Tiffany has the most beautiful voluptous breasts a man could ask for with a mouth to kill u in pleasure, the best i’ve ever had!! The sultry eye’s and cheeky personality is the cream on the cake. It’s always an enjoyable experience going there, everyone is good. Highly recommended and a must place to go.

  56. Review by bil · Reply

    Mature women are always better and know what they are doing. I often go here and never disappointed. There is a lebanese girl who gave me the best bl*w job i have ever had in my life. And an older woman Jesse who is good too. As I said never been disappointed with this place. They are machines.

    • Review by jamie · Reply

      hey bill how long have u been going to riverwood do u remember some girrls that used to work there

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